We recently had you do some changes to our web site. We were in kind of an emergency to get them done. So we looked in Craigslists for web site ads and responded to yours. You greeted us very professionally and listened to our problems and agreed to work us in the same day.

Our web site is in ASP, which you told us over the phone you didn’t have a lot of experience in. We were amazed at your patience; you spent about an hour going through tutorials on the internet learning about ASP so you could solve our unique problems.

We had other issues that required problem solving also, you never stopped till you solved them all.

Your computer skills and web site knowledge were very impressive. We would definitely use you again and would recommend you to others. We were very pleased with our experience and thought your pricing was very fair.


Brian and Dianne
(When Brian and Dianne wrote this the site was in ASP. I have since upgraded the site to WordPress.)
El Cajon, California

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  1. Would like to try it out. Sign me up for web design. Thanks.

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