I offer customized solutions to fit individual tastes at boilerplate prices. I kind of compare this to the allegory, “The customer is the artist, I simply am the paintbrush”. It is my job to try and convert the idea or dream you have in your head to reality on the Internet.

The following are some examples of websites that I have worked on. Please note that the views and opinions expressed on these websites may not necessarily reflect my own, and that some sites may have been changed by other people since I created them:

E-commerce Example: is a website that I built from the ground up using WordPress and the WP e-Commerce plugin. Both WordPress and WP-e-Commerce have been heavily modified to provide for the specialized needs of this particular website. Integrated into the website is the ability to load each product, post and page with customized titles and individualized meta keywords and descriptions. The e-Commerce plugin has been modified to provide for a full user interface in the accounting section, providing the registered customers full control over their orders, cancellations, invoices, receipts, saved shopping carts, and profiles. Invoices and receipts are produced in pdf format. Order confirmation emails are sent to the customers in HTML format. Several notification emails keep the staff apprised as to the things that are happening on their website. On the product pages, the imaging system has been enhanced with its ability to handle multiple images within the Thickbox display. Spry tabbed panels provide for a friendlier and more practical interface. Plus WordPress’ commenting abilities have been integrated into the individual product pages for reviews and ratings. The checkout is a four-phase PayPal checkout process and allows for enhanced coupon and promotional discount handling. All the above mentioned features are easily controlled through WordPress’ Dashboard Administrative Interface.
Movement and Animation Examples:
Nothing captures the attention of people quite like movement and animation. Movement displayed in creative, professional ways will make a website stand out from the crowd. and are excellent examples of what can be done without the use of flash technology.
Customized WordPress Theme, Plugin, Widget and Module Example: (No longer exists)
WordPress Custom ThemeOne of the things that I really like about WordPress is it’s remarkable ability to be able to be customized into just about any configuration imaginable simply by programming up a specialized theme, maybe a plugin and some widgets. is a good example of just some of what is possible. The owner had a very common desire, he wanted control over various aspects of the site, but knew very little about programming. (Click on the image on the left to see the customized theme.)

WordPress Custom PluginBy creating a customized theme with several dynamic sidebars, along with a plugin that handled a variety of customized widgets and provided modular controls for each of the individual widgets, I was able to create an administrative back-end that handled most of the complicated updating tasks automatically. (Click on the image on the left to see the customized plugin.)

WordPress Custom WidgetsBy creating dynamic, multiple occurrence drag and drop widgets, the owner could easily customize each of his pages, without knowing a lick of programming language. (Click on the image on the left to see some of the customized widgets.)

WordPress Custom ModulesCustomized modules allow individual control of specific sections, whereas the widgets allow placement of the section just about anywhere in the main body of the page, thus allowing ease and facility to be able to make drastic changes to the overall appearance of the site, once again without knowing anything about programming. (Click on the image on the left to see an example of a customized module.)

WordPress Blog Example:
I set up this website with multiple blogs, plus provided some imaging and scripting work.
Simple But Elegant Example:
This website demonstrates that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to obtain beauty and elegance.

Notable Projects

I worked with the Health Services Research Center at UCSD in 2010 to develop interfaces and reporting systems for many of San Diego County’s mental and physical health facilities, clinics and organizations. UCSD’s system utilizes ASP.NET, Visual Basic and SQL on a Windows based server system.